Thanks for a great night of Destiny. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 23:10 (117 days ago)

I post this exact same message once every few months or so, but tonight was a really fun night of Destiny.

Claude, Nevin, and I knocked out Pit of Heresy, the new Dungeon. It's great! I think Shattered Throne might be a little better, but Pit of Heresy is still really great. I dig the Mordor aesthetic and there are some amazing areas. The jumping puzzle sections are fantastic. I do also like the combat encounter mechanics in this one. The new Hive Swords are fun! It seems like it's easier than the Shattered Throne, but maybe that's just because we weren't at a power level deficit like when the Shattered Throne first came around.

Then we jumped in to a Master Nightmare Hunt. It's the first Master activity I've done, and it was perfectly challenging. I'm really happy to see difficult content return to Destiny that's not just raids. It felt a lot like doing a Destiny 1 Nightfall, and I think that's great.

And finally, we joined up with some others to play Momentum Control. The comparison to SWAT is apt. Jade Rabbit is a one shot kill with a headshot. Control Zones capture incredibly quickly, respawns are instant. It feels really great! It's here for three weeks, and will return sometime near the end of the season as well. I hope it comes around again after the season ends. I'd love to see it used as one of the weekly rotator modes, at the very least.

Once again, this was a night that really shows why Destiny is a special game. Destiny is at its best when you're in a large chat party, jumping from activity to activity. Nights like this go a long way towards reminding me just how amazing this game is. I thought the days of Halo 2 were unrivaled for just hanging out and gaming with friends, but Destiny really does surpass even that.

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