Luna's Howl quest advice (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 11:47 (529 days ago) @ marmot 1333

There's a lot of good advice in this thread already. I'm only jumping in because I'm a lot like you, playstyle-wise. I was pretty much all pulse rifles, all the time (they're still my go-to primary, but I'm a LITTLE more flexible than I used to be ;) ). I never thought Luna's was achievable, so I didn't even try for it until halfway through year 2.

I really thought the hard part was gonna be getting to Fabled, which is why I didn't bother. Recluse looked pretty amazing, though, so I gave it a shot. And once I'd hit Fabled, I figured "hey, why NOT try for Luna's?"

I like using Hand Cannons in PvE... but I never used them in PvP, because the aiming I needed to do took too long against human opponents. I think I started out with Trust, because so many people were so positive about it... I'm like Cruel, I can't really do very well with it. It has a lot of aim assist, though - try it out for yourself.

Got a little discouraged, someone suggested Crimson. I found the health regen (and the pulse-like bullet output) felt right for me... I finished the first HC section with it. I wasn't getting a ton of headshots, though, and I knew that was gonna be a problem on the second HC portion.

I hadn't played much with Ace of Spades, but I practiced a bunch in PvE, getting the hang of reloading after a kill to proc Memento Mori, without dying to the next enemy because I was reloading. (I say this because for me, it was a conscious thing; most people are smart enough to shoot until the enemies are dead, and THEN reload... but I seemed to have 2 modes at the beginning: I could either kill and instantly reload, regardless of what was in front of me, or just keep shooting, reloading only when I was out of bullets... forgetting to proc the perk that makes Ace such a worthwhile contender. It took a LOT of practice to train myself to do the right one, depending on circumstances. Sounds stupid to write it down, and again for most people it's as natural as breathing... but I needed to force myself to learn it.)

Once I had the rhythm down, though, Ace was a MONSTER. I'd hang back, wait for an enemy to get damaged (so that a 1v1 wouldn't require that I do as much damage as he was doing), then finish him off... and proc Memento. Now I've got 6 extra-damage bullets; two headshots kill a full-health Guardian. If he's alone, I reload, and I'm back up to 6 MM shots. If he's not, I shoot until I'm dry, doing extra damage at first. Went pretty fast.

If you're not good at headshots, Ace is a TERRIBLE gun. Fires slowly, reloads slowly, takes too long to kill. If you're good at headshots, the opposite is true. So the obvious path is: get good at headshots. :) (I did it in PvE, which is so much more forgiving. People better than me just do it in PvP and sneer at me. :) )

Anyway - I just wanted to echo what others have said. Trust is fantastic, if you can use it. (I get killed by it regularly, it outshoots things that should be WAY better.) I couldn't use it. Crimson got me used to using a Hand Cannon in Crucible without throwing my controller at a wall. Ace of Spades finished the precision part of the quest for me, after I learned to use it well.

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