Some additional, general, HC Advice (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Friday, November 08, 2019, 16:26 (528 days ago) @ marmot 1333

Testing done on PC (bullet magnetism only) in the Tribute Hall; Measurements done with DARCI; Target is Dreg Ultra.

So, I know that this season has had a big upset on damage fall off for Hand Cannons. Now they're all roughly in the 25-28m range. The Collection Roll for Rose (62 Range) starts at 26m. I have an Austringer (60 range) that also falls off at about 26m. In PvE (I have not tested if the behavior is different in PvP) the minimum damage range (your damage floor where you will never do less) is 43m. On both weapons I retain aim assistance past that range. Approx. 50m for Rose (85 Aim Assist stat) and approximately 47m for Austringer (75 Aim Assist stat) when I'm lining up the edge of the sighting dot to the edge of the target's head. This does not seem to change whether the Dreg is facing to me or to the side.

Additionally, a Duke with a 72 Range gets about 1 more meter for the start of fall off, but the damage floor is also about 43m. It has 69 for Aim Assist. It gets aim assist out to about 51m.

So, the additional information here is that you can team shoot (not as useful for Final Blows) as well as clean up (useful for Final Blows) with a Hand Cannon and get aim assistance out to about twice the range of where damage fall off starts. Range has more impact on this than the AA stat, but it seems to be an interaction of the two. A 140 like Austringer has a damage floor of 28 on a crit, I believe. Which means you can clean up a Guardian with 2/5 of their Red Health left with a single shot with my Austringer semi-reliably out to 47m. Don't try to start fights well past your damage fall off, but don't hesitate to try to finish them, and your range stat will make that easier.

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