Saint-14 (Destiny)

by slycrel ⌂, Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 08:10 (278 days ago) @ Korny

With a little effort, they can have both. For example, they could have had saint 14 locked behind a questline rather than just showing up in the tower week 2. Or they could have a little extra dialogue, talking about another guardian saving them. After I became his savior, I started paying attention to how much time it took me to "unlock" him since the shotgun quest. It was 6-8 additional gameplay hours. And it was confusing, but sort of fits, too -- I did save him, in his past and my future. But I don't think that was intentional. heh.

Really, this is probably the same reason why I want the raids to release later. There is no buildup or anticipation. It's all geared towards fast consumption. Doesn't feel intentional or paced sometimes, just... dumped. The seasons have both made this better, with dropped content throughout the season, and worse, where you have micro-cycles of bursts of gameplay. I think this is fixable, but I think Bungie has to want to fix it -- and right now I'm pretty sure this is "good enough". The balance of storytelling and "more content" I think is interesting. I suspect I'm in the minority of the playerbase, wanting a little more polish there. Bungie obviously thinks so, locking all of the previous story behind Amanda's vendoring without really telling people. It's there, but you have to dig a bit for it, just like the lore text.

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