Saint-14 (Destiny)

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Crackpot theory /-/Rampant Speculation/-/

Could Osiris be Saint-14's Brother? (Could they be literal Brothers (blood relation)? Or is it just proverbial brothers like Osiris->Brother Vance? Or like any Titan=Bro)

Could our player character (our Guardian), be Saint-14's Brother?



[quote]> "My friend, would you tell Osiris... my brother, when he is ready to speak, I am here"[/quote]


[quote]> “I do not know how long I wandered the Infinite Forest. But once, I believed I had found Osiris. I chased his reflection for days, through churning landscapes, through a thousand shifting realities. Until they became real. I believed his reflection would lead me back to him. I washed upon shores of minds, who spoke in broken pieces of ideas. I did not understand, and they cast me out.

[quote]Through all this I kept my eyes locked on that golden image of my brother. He drifted through seas of code, opening doorways where there was nothing. I fell through existence for lifetimes, and my ghost kept me breathing. You have only seen the surface, my friend. Do not go deeper.[/quote]

[quote]I cannot say that reflection was even real. I hope it was not, that it would not bring me to such a place. It is difficult to think back on these things. It is a place that twists understanding until it breaks, and I will never go back." [/quote][/quote]

This seems like a distinction that has not been made up until Season of Dawn and possibly could be missed or glanced over in random AFK dialogue more easily than, The Speaker = Saint-14's Father?/or did it mean Father-like figure?; which seems somewhat clearer in the playable missions?

Osiris searched Time and Space for His Brother, Saint-14, while Saint-14 tried to fight his way back and follow Osiris's wandering and searching reflections back to Reality?

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