That's The Saddest Thing I've Ever Seen. (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Friday, June 12, 2020, 15:49 (34 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

Why would you say this? What purpose does it serve?

"Uh-oh, is that a post of constructive cri-diddly-iticism I hear?"


(Not even criticism, this is literally honest, helpful advice. Maybe a little playfully jabbed, but that's how tough love works)

Before I even get to SR's video—Holy. Shit. This is the saddest and most ridiculously outrageously irrational thing to happen; that we as human beings have gotten to the point where ANYTHING that isn't lavished drowning praise and overwhelming unanimous validation is pure evil and filth and wrong. How did we get to the generation where everyone gets a gold star simply for existing? I know from experience growing up that constant put-downs, abuse and insults* are terrible for a person's emotions, psyche and self-esteem.

That's not good for a community.

(or a community,as you put it.) *(not that there was any way in hell this is what that was)

But guess what?! I've got some bad news!: Cloying someone with near-worship levels of approval to the point where they think they can do no wrong is even worse. (and I swear to god, I want to link that picture of him so bad, but I'm not even dipping a toe into that cesspool)
You think advising someone on their mistake is being a jerk!?

(I censored it last time, but today THIS is the boot out of the womb some people need)

Jesus Christ on house arrest, that's depressing, that is absurd and that is soft.

Now onto the video itself.

He was excited. Maybe he wasn't posting about his epic skills, but was proud of a moment that turned the game around. That's how I saw it, and I enjoyed the drama of that moment.

I guess since you're thinking for him, you say he was excited, okay he got excited. And that's natural. Everyone does. Hell, I was excited when that clip first started, thinking "Oh man, they're ALL in a pile, he can exterminate the whole team in one fell swoop!"

Then he slammed, got one guy(on the second swing, btw) and then spent the entirety of the most powerful ability a Guardian could possibly have...spamming his attack on a murderous box.

Know what I was saying then?

"Noooo! What are you doing, move! THEY DON'T EVEN SEE YOU, MOOOOOOVE!!!"

And three seconds after that, another player(one that he quite literally let get away) easily kills him during his Super. Now I held my tongue and decided not to pick this apart. But apparently since giving people advice is being a jerk, I might as well go full on Hitler.

Killing another Guardian during their Super ability using methods other than another Super is considered an embarrassment. I didn't say that to him because it's still a fairly common occurrence(and also to spare his feelings).

So yeah, he's excited! I get it. We all get excited when an opportunity like that appears. But (and this is where the advice comes in) you can do one of two things with that excitement: You can spray your gun everywhere and hope you get one or two hits, or you can control it to your advantage, focus on what you're doing and hit every shot, then you can freak out and celebrate!

I'm guessing you've heard the joke/story of the bulls on the hill?

Two stud bulls are on the top of a large hill and they see dozens of cows scattered all the way down to the bottom. The young stud says "Hey! Let's run down there and fuck a cow!" And the older stud bull says "No, son—let's walk down and fuck them all."

SR had the advantage. He had the super. And most rare of all in a Gambit match, he had the entire team unaware of his presence. So that is double the element of surprise. If he moved even TWO steps to the left, this would've immediately went from a skin-of-his-ass luck to an Army of One clutch play.

Which finally brings me to another thing that I've now been forced to point out.

MAC ALREADY beat me to it because I was typing all this! And again, I wasn't going to say it because I was trying to avoid THIS. EXACT. SHIT. RIGHT. HERE.

That last part was me being a "jerk". This part is me being right.

Titan abilities already do the cheating for the player. Eight of their nine Supers track enemies. Virtually no skill is required. And I've personally seen Maul flames go around corners, so I'm going to revise my previous statement: SR could have turned two feet and still gotten all four kills.

You know what I think? I don't think he was excited. At least not, just excited. I think that he was literally expecting them to just walk up to his Super. I think he just went into a Mayhem mindset and just thought he'd camp there and wait for them to walk into it, and just got lucky that almost two of them did.

What I said was: You could've gotten all four quickly if you moved to them. (Advice)

What I could've said was: Good kills, but that was a wasted opportunity to really clinch the win. (Criticism)

Here's what my brain thinks when I see this kind of clip: This dude's playing a walking Action Pak of cheat codes and he blows his load in front of the whole team like an idiot? (Flaming)

If you seriously thought that was being a jerk, then it's no wonder.

Gosh, if I don't show perfect gameplay in a clip, maybe I shouldn't post anything at all or Morpheus will comment on that instead of paying attention to the point.

I guess this is the first non-perfect clip to ever be uploaded to this forum then.

Grow the hell up, dude.

POST EDIT: Just thought of this, so I'm adding it on.

You think I'm being a jerk by telling SR how he could improve? You think it's wrong to criticize people? Well, there's an easy solution for that: NOT CARING.

That comment wasn't directed at you—it was directed at him. It's his decision to what he does with that information. He could take it into consideration, he could just ignore it, or even better—he can tell me to go fuck myself. Simple as that.

He could be typing all that up right now. I read it, say okay, decide whether to reply or not, say I agree or disagree and bam. Who cares.

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