Infinite-ly Unimpressed (Gaming)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 11:33 (498 days ago) @ Schooly D

Just watched the Halo Infinite - Official Campaign Gameplay Premiere. The TL;DR is on the tin.

Knowledge is a funny thing. I see "Playable Demo" and I think... how much time was spent in containerizing this content? How many months ago was this branch of a build cut off and placed for the viewing masses in a flower pot. Look folks! It's a tree! BUY OUR GAME! Please.

Since I know I can ask this here; Ya'll remember when Halo first came out? Halo put shooters ON Console ON the map. Where everything was corridors, Halo came out and... gave us some stretching room. It was a big deal. And... well, what I'm about to say may have been some marketing hype add-on, but it proved true... for once. Combat Evolved.

We are no longer in those days. Very VERY-much no longer in those days.

We are now in a time where DETAIL as prescribed in the Unreal 5 DEMO, may in some way be possible. With stellar REALTIME lighting and resolution of detail. No, I'm not saying this launch game, Halo Infinite, should look like said Tech Demo. Of course not. Even IF we can get that kind of detail in an actual running playable purchasable game with AI and all sorts of OTHER overheads... it's going to be 3 or 4 years from now maybe.

I know that.

First Person Shooters, on the other hand, are one of the more popular genres in video games. As I recall, one of the most profitable as well. We, WE... folks who have played video games for awhile now, have seen our fair share of da pew pews. Kaboom! Ka-blowey!

That said... WHAT IS THIS!? Who is this for? Who is the Audience they seek? Is it to Grizzled ancient Halo fans, such as many of us who dance about in these *BO halls (thanks to a Bungie of a another age). Is it to Newbs? Those who have never played Halo? Those... heh, as it has been 18 years, who weren't able to play Halo on the Xbox during its golden heyday. Is it somewhere at the middle?

Well, I'm not sure I can answer that question, and such may be why my response is as it is.

Why did they start with someone, at least for me, who... I have no idea who they are. I don't care, I care about Chief. This guy here is blasted front an' center, introduced to me (though not the first time in a trailer) bitching about... I don't know what. We're only seconds in and already this dude is getting on my nerves because all I hear is some wining blah blah blah probably exposition. Too bad my brain is turned off, and set to mute. Show me the Chief. That's how the Start feels for me. It was not a good start. And this trailer is all about those Oh-So-Important FIRST IMPRESSIONS.


We get past that and... OH LOOK, BIG ROMPING WORLDS! BUT HALO! OMG-NO-WAIIII! And hey, don't get me wrong, SKYRIM-ish Halo edition over here is interesting. Arguably the environment is a very important character. Shoot- IT IS the character in a way, IT'S THE TITLE! It's HALO!

COOL! So... WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT?! What have you done with this concept!? (I mean... after THAT'S THE SELL, right?)


If I could make the arms go higher, I would.

Oh look, a Warthog, flying along in the air in its natural habitat. Isn't nature beautiful? Sure is cool, but, uh... isn't game selling. OH OH! BUT WAIT! LOOK! Grappling HOOK!

... YEAH?

Is that it? 3 or More years, and your hook for Infinite, this big world... is a literal hook? Are ya-all high? Obviously not, cause at-least you might have had a chance to be actually creative for... SOMETHING. Again... it's neat. Cool, er... something. But... how is this, in my biggest movie voice... REVOLUTIONARY! IN A WORLD OF SO MANY VIDEOGAMES, I HAVE NOW DECIDED I WILL PLAY HALO INFINITE!

Overly Dramatic Man Pretending to have a Women Voice... poorly: Oh, Dreamboat, but WHY? WHY! WHY!!!!!

Sweaty Movie Man: *DAH DAH DAH* Grappling HOOK!

Overly Dramatic Man Pretending to have a Women Voice... poorly: *Swoon* Just... na. In fact, it seems to me like the hook may have been necessary to just traverse the world. And... of gameplay, that's all I recall on the first viewing.

It, it ain't good.

Oh! Why do 343 renditions of First Person Halo look so... SPARSE? Like, I get that in Halo 5 they had to push back aspects of detail to keep the goal of 60 fps on Xbox...uh Fuck-Our-Naming-Conventions, but... this is NEW TECH. FROM THE FOLKS WHO OWN THE STUDIO! THIS is THE first party game. THIS IS HALO! I'm not cramping on the stylized choice, it's fine. No probs at all. Halo was never about brutal realism anyway. I'm talking about the amount of open space of nothing. Or basically nothing. LONG sight lines of just... flat. Matte without any noise at all to break it up. Apparently a battle or war or whatever was fought and we lost? Huh? Really? The broken ring is an interesting touch, but, this game is more than a skybox too.

They also showed some guns but... bro, I play Destiny. Y'all ain't got shit.

Thus I return; Who is this for? If they - Microsoft, 343, Halo Fans ... WHATEVER - are going to keep Halo alive, WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO THE TABLE? WHY ARE WE KEEPING IT ALIVE? I know "why", what I mean is... for something that is being APPARENTLY built by fans of Halo, 343, why is Halo still going? Because so far I don't see anything I haven't seen before and done better. And for me, An OLD School Halo fan, seeing Halo being used this way... WITH WHAT I'VE SEEN... man.

Infinite-ly Unimpressed. I felt no focus on anything. It was just noise with a Halo Container.

PS: The Plasma VFX is nice. Don't even get me start on the "4th Wall" 007 bad guy bull I see right here gosh darn it. Holy moly. Worse still; I feel like I'm an old man yelling at a cloud. I don't THINK that's what I'm doing, but... I don't know. It just all feels so uninspired, and its just kind of depressing.

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