Destiny 2 - Brief PC review (Destiny)

by TheeChaos @, Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 17:32 (38 days ago)

Hey strangers!

Hope all is well in these trying times. I've been lurking from time to time. I see Cody is still fighting the fights (stay strong Cody!). Hope all is well in these trying times.

I recently got the urge to play some Destiny 2. I tried on console for a few hours - but fell back into pointing out things I did not like. I took a leap and downloaded Free D2 on steam. So far I am really impressed. I almost want to say its a completely different game. Its not, but the way it runs somehow snagged me back into playing. That says alot when I coming off platinuming a game like Ghost of Tsushima.

I am a little bummed my expacs do not transfer to PC, but I get it. Right now im just enjoying the free stuff - I know I can do the cross save if i so choose.
I'm a little hard pressed to spend money with Beyond light around the corner and even thats further down my list than the PS5 and Cyberpunk.

After about 6 fun hours of playing here are some brief thoughts:

LOAD TIMES - are almost non existent. Im halfway through with a strike before my PS4 can get to character select. Obviously my PC has more power in every regard, but D2 load times on console are bad by any comparison.

Movement - I felt character movement was sluggish on console. It still feels slower on PC than other games I'm used to, but more liberating than on console. This is using controller on both. I tried KB&M but meh, I use one all day at work.

Menu Navigation - Menus are not a dread to navigate with the mouse. it allows me to seamless go from controller to mouse. No more dragggggging the cursor across the screen just to change a gun. Also menus load near instantly with gear shown. No more spinning gear wheels.

Visuals - D2 is good looking on both honestly. But the PC is smoother by a long shot. I should state my PC is 4k capable but I do not have a 4k monitor. I do have a 144hz with 1 ms response time.

Hit me up on PC if you'd like!

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