Are streamers actually retarded? (Destiny)

by ManKitten ⌂, The Stugotz is strong in me., Sunday, October 04, 2020, 13:33 (21 days ago) @ cheapLEY

The streaming community is apparently in a tizzy about Destiny PvP. I have not seen a single video from a Destiny streamer/youtuber that isn’t completely idiotic. I’ve seen at least two that say the community needs incentives (mainly in the form of Bungie sanctioned tournaments with cash prizes).

What in the actual fuck? Suddenly it’s Bungie’s job to make a game that they can profit off of?

This is a silly thing to be mad about or even pay attention to, but jesus christ why are these idiots still around?

As an apparent resident "old guy" it seems like all the "streamers" are for kids. If you start your video with "whats up guys" or tell me to "smash the subscribe button" I immediately don't care about whatever is about to be said next. There are a couple of people that I check in on from time to time, but they aren't playing the game, they are more or lest giving updates.

Streamers are for 10 year olds.

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