Mixed Results Again (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 08:12 (636 days ago) @ squidnh3

This ended up being pretty cool (and arguably more significant than the Almighty crash), especially with the final cutscene as a call back to the opening cutscene of D1, but I'm unsure why they decided to try to update the game and have everyone re-login again in such a short time frame. It definitely didn't help with my last second Triumph hunting panic.

There was some speculation that this was also a stress test in preparation for today, but I guess we'll see how that goes.

I don’t buy that last bit, because Luke gave the impression they weren’t going to advertise it happening at at except it accidentally got out through an e-mail.

Other than server issues it was okay, but if the Traveler was healing itself, why didn’t we get to see that instead of just fading to black. It was like getting 98% there then being left with blue balls.

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