Can somone summarize what happened? (Spoilers, maybe?) (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 08:57 (385 days ago) @ marmot 1333

I tried to log on via PC fairly late, around 6:50pm PST. After waiting a while, I got in.

I did the special mission, ghost said some stuff, I saw some NPCs looking up, I looked up and saw hazy stuff around the Traveler, the waypoint kept moving, I followed it and eventually got a "quickness" buff, I jumped over some moving water and got to a door and held down 'E' (PC).

Then I got kicked to orbit. Lots of "Trouble Connecting to Destiny" messages and the game was mostly on a black screen.

Later I heard the music change (I had alt+tabbed out) and caught the tail end of an animation that showed the Director, darkness swirled around the destinations that were being taken and then the Traveler got like, a blueish round pattern (?) on it.

After that I was kicked out for good and servers seemed down.

So I scrolled through CheapLeys's twitch feed and I couldn't find where he even got the buff and found the doorway. So I'm curious if other people did that part/if they were able to open the door/etc.

I got the buff when I went through the door, I think. I didn't do anything special to receive it. It let me explore the final space, but didn't really give me anything else.

I saved the last couple of minutes of the event, which includes the conversation that happened. I apologize for realizing a little bit in that it would be better without a HUD; removing that before this part started would have been better. Oh, well.

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