I think I'm doing it wrong... (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, March 29, 2021, 08:55 (180 days ago) @ nico

Claude has a similar experience: he said it doesn't take him many games to complete the IB bounties.

In recent months, it's taken me 10+ games per character. There's always the "ability kills" percentages on the hunter, and the "team shoot" for the other two being the last to finish.

Hmm. I don't think we're fully understanding each other. The one time we actually compared numbers, we were close (I was at 8 or 9, you were at 10 or 11; those are close enough to not be relevantly different).

And I'm not sure I should speak for Squid, but when he said "a pinnacle drop every 3 games", I took that to mean "4 pinnacle drops in 12 games" - which is the same number as you have, and as I have.

It takes about 10 games to finish 4 bounties. More or less. I think we ALL agree on that. At 10 mins/game (less these days, since there are so many mercies, in both directions), that's a little under 2 hours. Roughly the same speed of pinnacle generation as a raid. (Well, as a raid early in the raiding process. Yes, we do DSC in an hour these days. But we spent 3 hours on Last Wish last week - and didn't even finish.)

Presage takes about half an hour at this point, gives you 1 pinnacle - so 4 every 2 hours.

Harbinger takes about the same, with the same drop rate.

It doesn't seem to me that IB reward efficiency is that much different than other endgame activity reward efficiency.

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