"Hm, coulda gone better." (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Monday, March 29, 2021, 14:31 (183 days ago) @ kidtsunami

Honestly? You don’t. You just let people play the game. If players want to use the exact same loadout forever, just let them. The folks that like trying different things will just do so without being pushed into it.

It's probably hard to justify making new stuff if people aren't going to use it. Sunsetting sucked though.

What about the folks that like trying different things retroactively after being convinced to do so? I know a few of those people - I don't think they are very uncommon.

I'm certainly one of those people, it's just that there's so much damn friction to doing so, namely having to change mods for whatever I have equipped. And I know it's not a straight forward problem to solve, e.g. not every mod for a kinetic gun has the same "mod cost" so a "primary ammo" mod would lose some of the granular tweaking they've done...

But damn, I hate hate hate managing my mods after figuring out what guns I want to take into an encounter.

Between base stats, elemental mod affinity, hyper specific weapon mods, and varying levels of energy/masterworked pieces of armor, managing my build is a massive chore and causes me to not engage with things like "Charged With Light" nearly as much as I like to.

Totally agree. There’s so much potential flexibility in terms of build-crafting in this game, but I find the whole process of gear management so cumbersome and time consuming that I rarely engage with it beyond a few builds I’ve slapped together for specific uses. More often than not, my build customization has been reduced to using the same set of stat and charged with light mods across all activities, and then swapping my reload/targeting/unflinching/scavenger mods to suit the specific weapons I’m using at the time. It makes me wish they’d just boil all those mods down to more general versions of themselves (eg “primary reloader mod”, “special reloader mod”, etc). The current specificity doesn’t really add anything in my estimation... just creates a time and glimmer sink.

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