This seems unfair. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, May 02, 2021, 13:36 (146 days ago) @ INSANEdrive


The day the FTB dictates who I play video games with in my free time or that I’m not allowed to tell someone to fuck off is the day I leave this place forever. If I make an event, I certainly get to decide who I actually want to play with. I guess I would probably make that known instead of just deleting someone that signed up.

I have no problems with you, Kermit—this is just a response to Insane being outraged that we don’t all get along perfectly all the time.

The "outrage" is not that we don’t all get along perfectly all the time, as such shall happen from time to time. Such is, in a rare fashion, truly just the way things are. The "outrage" is that we don't care, and we don't speak up. A "Fuck you I've got mine". Is that right? Is that who we are here?

You're suggesting that you know the motivations (or lack of them) for 'allowing' Kermit to be removed from an event. You don't.

I didn't even know it happened until I read Kermit's post. I didn't say anything at that point because, really, there isn't anything to say - I don't know who removed him, or why, and in fact it's really none of my business. (I didn't get signed up early enough to participate in the first place, so why should I have a say in who does?)

I don't like that it happened - I'd rather whoever yanked him had sent him a note saying "I'd rather you didn't play because of X". But that's awkward, at best, and pie-in-the-sky optimistic if the reason was political. (I'm a little confused by Kermit's description of Facebook smearing, but then I haven't been on Fb for years.)

Regardless of the reason, the FTB doesn't come with terms you must agree with to use - if someone wants to set up a public event, but still gatekeep... they can do that. It's not the best of all possible worlds (I'd love it if we could all get along), but I understand some of the whys it might happen. (In the general sense. I'm not making any judgements about this particular case. I raid with Kermit almost every week, and I enjoy his company, but I know people that would rather not play with ME, so I'm sure that's true of him as well.)

Bottom line, though - it's really not up to you to be outraged at those of us with the power to do something about this - it's an issue between someone involved in the setup of that event and Kermit. I'm not at all clear how ANYTHING that happened can be interpreted as the rest of us expressing 'fuck you, I've got mine'.

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