Trials Fun (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Monday, October 11, 2021, 11:07 (5 days ago)

So, I've been having a pretty good time with Trials the past few weeks, I've been lucky enough to make it to the Lighthouse all 4 weekends since it came back, the first 2 with DBOers and the last 2 (including yesterday) mostly solo-queuing after the Flawless pool matchmaking had been enabled.

Actually, yesterday I was 2 games into a card and had a guy invite me after the game. I had been impressed with a couple of flanks he pulled off so I joined. Tried to talk to him, but no response, although I could hear some noise in the background. We play a game, he doesn't do quite as well but we win so I figure I'll play out the string. Then, he invites another random guy (not a guy we had just played with). Still no voice, and as we are loading into the next game I decide to look them up on Trials report. Uh...not the best. My original teammate is okay, but the new guy has less than a 0.5 K/D in lifetime Crucible. Okay well, once again, I figure I'll just see how it goes. Well, despite a few round hiccups here and there, we end up winning the next 7 games in a row to get both me, the original guy, and the new guy to the Lighthouse. I was actually pretty impressed with their strategy - they would mostly hang out toward the outside of the map, wait for me to start some sort of engagement, and then flank or crash in together. The low K/D guy even clutched a few rounds with his bow! After getting our Lighthouse rewards I got on the mic and said goodnight and thanks for playing, and he responded with a thanks. Still never heard the original guy.

Long story short, getting to the Lighthouse is pretty achievable right now, and well, I only need 1 more "carry" of someone who has never been there to get that Triumph so...if you see me playing solo Sunday or Monday and want to give it a try, shoot me a message.

Some fun videos from the past two weeks after the long story:

One good grenade solves a lot of problems:

My Lighthouse clinching round from last week - nothing super special, but just a fun display of me trying really hard to win a round:

How not to attack someone 1v3:

The power of bottom tree Nightstalker:

and a bonus non-Trials similar set of shots with some DBOers:

Also, just so you know, things don't always work out:

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