Dungeon Crawl Week: Nov 2-5 (Destiny)

by CougRon, Auburn, WA, USA, Monday, November 01, 2021, 20:29 (34 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

Hey all, there was some discussion not too long ago about running through the dungeons of Destiny because they are the best content in the game and everyone should experience them.

These events are for anyone who'd like to run through my favorite activities. My hope is that people who haven't been exposed to them will get a chance to experience them in a super low-pressure way. Anyone can join, but preference will be given to those who haven't done it yet. If we get a bunch of sign-ups, we can split into a couple parties.

Depending on how quickly these go, we can always run more than one in a night. I think it is perfectly feasible to run all of them in one evening but I won't push for that unless someone is interested.

Feel free to hit me up if you see me online for a drop-in.

+ done Shattered Throne once or twice before.
+ I need to complete the Archon quest on pit of Heresy sometime. Completed once on normal. I do got some items in my inventory that needs to be used sometime.
+ I think I’ve completed Prophesy at least once, definitely played through a sizable chunk but would like to go with a team to make sure.
+ only done Presage on normal solo with lots of deaths, so many deaths. haven’t done Presage on Hard is that the bonus version?

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