Night 2 Success (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Thursday, November 04, 2021, 11:47 (32 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

Morpheus is a secret speed-runner. Also without a mic, he just got things done. Our decent into the Pit of Heresy, was followed up by an assault on the Glykon. More rat king progress was made by myself and Insane.

If you tentatively sign up for these events, my commitment is to stay available over the course of the evening to run them with you so if you see me, feel free to drop me a line. No worries about making the initial time-frame. A favor to ask would be that if you realize that you can't make it at all, put that in the comment section. Not a big deal for me, but it lets me gauge how long I should wait around.

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