Hopefully they go for the lore, not the game itself (Destiny)

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Castlevania and Arcane are two examples of explorations of the world and lore of a game franchise that manage to work and stand on their own.

Arcane especially, as it's an exploration of an era set before the games that it's based on, and which tells a complete story that ends long before the game series even starts.

Bioshock's world lends itself to a ton of stories, from Ryan's disillusionment and struggles to build Rapture, to the civil war within with "heroes on both sides".

In a perfect world though, Season 1 would tell the story of the rise and fall of Johnny Topside (which would be a great way to show the high point of Rapture, as well as its slow decay and the desperation that leads them to target their celebrities like Johnny). Johnny would eventually clash with Andrew Ryan, and after sowing the seeds of civil war, the finale would end with the reveal of Johnny becoming Subject Delta, being activated and trashing a room in a primal rage as his echoed ideals distort into noise, until a child's voice calls out to him and silences the noise. He turns to face a small figure illuminated by a doorway, and the season ends with this visual callback:

Season 2 would be focused on Sofia Lamb, as she has to deal with Eleanor's rapid growth as society starts to crumble. It would follow her personal decline (as well as showing the PoV of the lower class struggles of Rapture, to contrast the celebrity lives seen in Season 1). This would also introduce Brigid Tenenbaum, as she worked to find a stop to Rapture's collapse, leading to the creation of the Little Sisters and Big daddies. The season would show Eleanor's kidnapping and transformation into a Little Sister (and tie the Season 1 finale with the reveal that Eleanor is Delta's Gatherer, and Tenenbaum's regret, and escape with the other early Little Sisters besides Eleanor. The Season would end several years later, with Tenenbaum at a beachfront shack, reading about the abductions of little girls, and knowing it's to feed the Little Sister program. She looks among her research files and stumbles on a folder of one Subject Delta. The first, and un-bindable Big Daddy. She calls out to someone standing outside on the beach, telling them that they have to get ready. The camera turns towards the water, and the season ends with this visual callback:

Season 3 would unite Bridgid, Delta, and Eleanor to explore the main plot of Bioshock 2 from Eleanor's perspective as she witnesses and is shaped by Delta's struggles to find her with Tenenbaum's help, while trying to retain what little humanity he has left. with their shared experiences bringing their two separate storylines together, and Tenenbaum coming to terms with the consequences of her research, and her decision to stay behind in Rapture tofix what she has done as the last of the Big Sisters dies in her arms.

And during the finale, as Eleanor and the little sisters ride the bathyscaphe off into the sunset, the camera pans up past the Lighthouse into the darkened sky, where in the distance, we see the blinking lights of an approaching plane. Cut to black, as Neflix announces that they are cancelling plans for season 4.

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