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Causa latet, vis est notissima.

~ The cause is hidden, but the result is well known.

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Personality and Taste. This next thing I have to say is the most... anomalous, of these essays. Outlandish, maybe. And that's because it's not so much about Destiny, or the Witch Queen, or any of what WAS made, but about a HOW in being made. It's NOT a criticism, but more a... curious concern? Perhaps. This little essay here, more than any of the others in this lot, is about "a way" choices are being made by the Bungie Gameplay Dev Teams. Weighed by.

I know, I KNOW, that's... a really curious intro. And it's because, of all things, this is such a... a guess based on "what I think as data". Even then, I'm not sure if this helps, but let's get on with it

In a way, I've been talking about this sort of thing A LOT in this collection of thoughts. But it's been about aspects of the story, weapons, abilities, and enemies. This part here is about, the game-play side. Yes, yet again. But don't worry, this one is far more toned down. I can almost guarantee you that no one else is talking about this as broadly as I'm about to. And it's about the effect of this embedded moment here;

I can't seem to find it, maybe it was in one of the Firing Range Podcasts, or some podcast in general...  but somewhere I seem to recall a phrase of "We're never going to publish something THIS HOT"... that of course being at launch "Beyond Light" Stasis..."ever again." As I can't find it, you can put some salt on that, but this much we long-time fans do know: Stasis changed everything, and it wasn't just in-game. 

A year later, I feel it. Like some J.R.R. Tolkien creation, yet tailored to Destiny, I see it in the Patch Notes, I feel it in the Gameplay, I smell it in the Concept. Much that once was power, pulled back so those on live will not know of it.

And, I think, I'm not the only one. Within the last year, every now and then I'll see the phrase "Bungie is scared of" some-one-thing. I'm growing to think it's far larger than that, and this embedded tweet here above is a solid consideration to the why. And I want to talk about it. It might be pure imagined bupkis, but I want to talk about it.

Right off the plate, know that I agree that "too hot" is TECHNICALLY not healthy for the game, but I also feel that "too cold" is far FAR worse. How interesting that it's Stasis which seems to have created such an overall effect, though to what degree I can't know.

 ...But here's what I'm calling "the outlandish part." Conspicuously unconventional, if you will. As Bungie works toward balancing the sandbox, certain uncertainty may (and obviously, I expect it does) arise. A question with a choice; "This feels good, but is it too much?"

It is a choice between "doing this might be too powerful," A.K.A. too hot, or "basically worthless," A.K.A. too cold.  And, ever so interestingly, it seems like Bungie chooses and will choose the cooler part of the spectrum. That the answer to the question is, at times, "tone it down a little, and let's push it live". "We can always change it later."

I think, in this ever increasingly maybe-possibly-perhaps but-here-it-is observation (and so massage this as needed), that this fear I ever so indirectly see with in Bungie, while understandable, is misplaced. Instead, based on what the REAL problem is, Bungie should instead aim for the warmer side of too hot. ... or, wait. Would that be the colder side of too hot? Colder for something too hot would be warm, right? UGH. Whatever! Point is, TOO HOT is NOT the problem

Boom. Conspicuously unconventional. HOW CAN I SAY SUCH THINGS?!

Well, here's why, from my ever-limited perspective. We've had "too hot" in the past, BEFORE Stasis, and those became "special moments" within the community.

[image] [image]

Well then, why is that? Because the problem wasn't, on its own, that it was too hot. Right now, as I write this, there is a bug in Gambit putting PvE damage values on PvP opponents. As a result, some guns are too hot! WAY WAY ONE-SHOT TOO HOT. And is the game dead? No! In fact, it's an event! Not officially, but that's ok. Find your fun! BEHOLD! The power of the light squeezing through the cracks. 

(Write that down! Write that down!)

Well... until Bungie patches it.

On the other hand, the original and quite overpowered Stasis was in the game for TOO LONG, and that caused an outcry. It was stifling (an ironic word to use) the game. What was initially fun, and rich in power fantasy, became a slog. Too much candy is never a good thing. Meanwhile, "The Go-Fast Update" changed TOO MUCH, and so updating all the things that needed to be adjusted was no doubt a real BEAR of a task. These two things bounced against one another too, so... goodness, it was all just too much. Too much. Too much.

When that heat overstays its welcome, then it's a problem. IT'S NOT THE HEAT, it's being able to get out of the sun in good time. Arguably, the same is true for TOO COLD as well, but the problem with that is, among other reasons, wasted effort and first impressions. Don't waste your time on something, art and all the rest, if it's going to be boring. Ugh! By the way, just to repeat: That gambit bug got patched in about a week or so. The bug was broken as all get out, but due to the speed of the fix, it's been an interesting, and at times, fun, diversion. 

It's not the heat, it's the speed of the change.

I understand and appreciate Bungie's game play teams' aims, even if I do have my moments of STRONG disagreements*. They have ever increasingly been so professional about... all of this. I do not speak to besmirch their caution. 

It's... you know what this is? It's a reminder. That's all this is. A reminder that...


... it's ok. It's ok if you put something out that you know may be a little hot, on the condition, that doing so is right. That doing so can be changed easily enough. Be honest, be open, and do right with what you are making. Don't nerf it before it's had a chance to shine! Otherwise, why is it in the game at all?! Prove it worthwhile! And yes, I know. Things are hardly that simple, between the genuine fears of "power creep" and the possibility of the community blindly declaring that "this used to be good, but now it's not". But I think, as Jedi, the game play teams know (or at least I DARN WELL HOPE ya do) the difference between what the computer says and what the game tells.

Oh, and in the event someone on that team DOES read this... please be gentile with Arcstrider. ._. please. >_>

*(Some supers should have huge damage reduction, when initially triggered, which then is expeditiously reduced to current levels. What good is a so called "super" when you can't use it as an ace in the hole? That's not power, it's just lame. Supers should be more than just a rechargeable heavy.)

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