Glaive-a-Rant (Destiny)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 15:54 (762 days ago) @ Claude Errera

I like my glaives. I like them so much that one of them is currently Level 188, with almost 15,000 kills. I LOVE that in CQC, they use no ammo, but can still take down a pair of Ogres and a Wizard, singlehandedly and simultaneously (I did that this morning, on a PsiOps run, when both of my teammates were dead).

I'm THRILLED that the choice Bungie made (no perks, but no ammo usage, won out over perks, but ammo requirements) went they way it did. I would use this weapon far, far less if they'd picked your preferred route.


Different strokes. Or stabs, maybe.

Naturally. We make quitea pair. lol.

To reiterate, of course they aren't bad. I've tried to make clear, in both cases of my chatter, the core of the idea is there. In any other game, the Glaive would be "fine" to me. But as Destiny is all about weapon feel to me, it fails to be a weapon I enjoy to use on a basic level.

I don't feel like I'm wielding a Glaive, I feel like I'm a woodpecker, and seeing such visuals gets boring fast. Even kind of nauseous. Shooting it feels stilted, and the shield requirements, while needed for what it can do, obnoxious. It doesn't feel organic to me.

But... there is no denying the basic utility and capability built into the Glaive. It can kick butt in a real hurry, as something with its range & risk should. I too LOVE that its CQC uses no ammo, just like one would expect. But... well, I've already outlined that. The give-and-take design means that no ammo gets the weapon no perks. I disagree with the solution profusely, as I find more has been lost then saved.

To me, I think (as I see it in my minds eye) very possible to make both of us happy in the design of the weapon, where it's both as simple as you like it (and shoot, I'd like it! It's not a fighter jet) but also complex enough that the fun I find hidden in its possible play could shine through. All this while in the established play that keeps me jumping back on to play Destiny.

Something that makes it worth coming back to other then its basic utility, which, if I may say so Wu, is boring for a game of space magic. Might as well play COD for goodness sake. For now, I'll still be using the Glaive should I must, or maybe in gambit, but I'll be grumbling the entire time. Probably will need to work on a build to jazz it up to be actually mildly fun to me.

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