Glaive-a-Rant (Destiny)

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They can be used as a melee weapon. You know what else is a melee weapon? Swords! Nobody threw a tantrum when Sword melees didn't trigger melee perks. Because melee perks are for your melee; it's in the name!

Classic Korny-isms aside, it's probably because we all were having a tantrums on the state of Destiny at the time. It's harder to call shit out when everything else is in different shades of brown as well. As for the rest, well, no doubt you're the reason push doors have handles you can pull Korny. Probably think its pretty funny. The height of cleverness.

It's a little funny. That said, you only need to see the rest of the door's design to understand how it operates, everything from the frame to the hinges would be a dead giveaway. You can't just rant and rave that the door needs to open with a pull since the handle can be physically pulled, it's just not designed that way. This is how I see you in this post.


This man just argued for poor design on the basis of door hinges.

Korny be real with me. You're tell'n me that every time you've approached a door, instead of thinking about going through that door and oh gee all the things that need to get done in the day, you stop the momentum of your action to check and or admire the door hinges (should they be seen)? EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

Logically, what you've said makes sense. But in practice, what you've stated is ridiculous. In your clip, you have a person who has lost all capacity to be smart due to sheer panic caused by what looks to be social anxiety. Gripping the handle (which shouldn't be there) like a baby chimpanzee to it's mother. This man isn't thinking about door hinges, nor local fire codes. He shouldn't have to. Instead, it should impossible to make the mistake shown here to ridiculous effect. There should be nothing to grab which instinctively brings about a pull motion.

Your example isn't of me in this post Korny. It was your post all along. Ridiculous.

Maybe it's just me, but at no point in playing my Voidlock did I even once expect the Glaive to trigger my Void-melee perks/wells.

Why not?

Because I expect melee perks to trigger on my melee, full stop.

Gee. I wonder why. /rhetorical

Short of Bungie adding a "Fist" weapon category (Warframe style!), I do not expect anything that is not strictly my character's unadulterated melee (charged/uncharged) to trigger melee effects. nearly a decade of Destiny has worked this way, and it's safe to assume that barring any extremely specific wording, it will always work this way, regardless of how many non-projectile weapons they add.

Iron Knuckle Exotic! I'm all for it, though it does sound like it would be best a Titan Exclusive Exotic. ;D

Anywho, this is a reasonable enough response I suppose. Perhaps it was too broad of me to think the first person melee should work with a first person (hybrid) melee weapon. Perhaps. My imagination is wasted on this game.

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