Getting back into Destiny (Destiny)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 22:05 (675 days ago)

Apparently all it takes to rekindle that Destiny flame is to visit Claude in Seattle! We took a family trip to Seattle and Claude was kind enough to host us for the visit, which was fantastic on so many levels. Claude and I stayed up late many nights talking nerd stuff, and when I got home, I found that I was really jonesing to get back into Destiny and DBO raids. :)

I’m traveling on a work project for a couple of weeks, but dragged my Series S along and have actually had a chance to play a bit. I finally wrapped up The Witch Queen campaign on Legendary, and ZackDark took me through Preservation, which was a really neat introduction to the raid boss (and now I’m going to start studying those symbols…).

I have to say, The Witch Queen story was pretty cool, but I definitely felt like the transition between campaign and the post-campaign content was still pretty freaking rough. I felt a bit blindsided by how the ‘introduction’ to Immaru played out, and I’m still not completely clear on Rhulk… why is he in the pyramid inside the throne world, and how is he related to the Scorn? (I haven’t played the raid yet, so I’m assuming that will clear things up a little). As of now, I’m just sort of scratching my head and just going along with it like I usually do.

This disconnect, though, is a long-standing issue that Destiny has dealt with since the beginning. I thought that with Forsaken, Bungie was finally getting things together when they tied the campaign into the raid so cleanly and set up Riven as the Big Bad. In contrast, The Witch Queen sort of feels like a slip back to the earlier days… really feels like two separate teams were working on content without talking to one another.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the game. I’m glad that the Void/Solar/Arc 3.0 transition is complete. I’m really glad that they decided to reverse their decision on sunsetting gear. Legendary was fantastic and I want to play all mission content like that in the future (except for that jerk boss with the giant fire mace who kept lag-teleporting around the room… that guy can kiss my shiny metal Ghost). The grind doesn’t seem to be so onerous these days, which is a big plus. And my Guardian SPOKE AGAIN! Huzzah!

My schedule is wonky for the next month-ish, but once things settle down, I’m definitely going to put up some raid LFGs! I’ve missed you! And RIP Coug… that was sad to hear. :(

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