Credible rumors of a new Marathon Game (Destiny)

by electricpirate @, Thursday, October 20, 2022, 11:41 (552 days ago)

Hello DBO, Long time no post. I saw a couple of tweets, and a follow up from a more credible source that I thought would be interesting to ya'll.

First piece :

According to sources, Bungie is set to bring back the Marathon series with a new game that will be a 3-man squad extraction-based shooter.

The title is in a pre-alpha state, sources said, but it could be announced at any point given the industry’s competition for talent.

Marathon takes place on a planet that was previously home to a human colony that vanished, with humans (now sparse) using highly-customization cyborgs called “Runners” to gather loot, it was said.

Not familar with the site, however a Giant Bomb writer chimed in a bit later to lend this some credence.

I've heard this as well. I'll have a handful more details on Game Mess Mornings today at 11 a.m. Eastern on

Destiny Bulletin helpfully summarized that here,

- project started in partnership with NetEase
- very Tarkov-like
- big focus on "no load times, very minimal queue times"
- likely free-to-play live service
- highly customizable character
- authentic Bungie FPS experience

I'm sure a marathon revival that isn't a story based shooter will be controversial, but given the quality of Destiny storytelling in a live game setting over the last year I'm very willing to give it a shot.

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