Credible rumors of a new Marathon Game (Destiny)

by electricpirate @, Thursday, October 20, 2022, 13:14 (644 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

This doesn't sound sound so much a Marathon revival as a new game with a Marathon badge to generate buzz.

We shall see.

Given the age of marathon it's an interesting question of what that constitutes? For me I think the feeling of mystery, the story, the exploration are kind of the key to marathon to me. I have a feeling that list is going to vary widely person to person.

Also: If Bungie wanted some Juice I'm not sure if Marathon helps *that much* I'm sure there's a bunch of us olds who fondly remember it, but the bungie name itself probably does more than the name marathon at this point.

Now I want them to make a Sims game based around the life of BoBs. Slap a Marathon Skin on everything and build a forever home in a carved-out asteroid while fending off the occasional Pfhor attack. Oops I accidentally married a Simulacrum.

Sure would be a hell of a reception!

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