AI Created Image won TWAB AOTW (Destiny)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Wednesday, February 08, 2023, 09:22 (437 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

Why is it unethical to write a paper that is composed of nothing but sentences from various other works? What makes the specific arrangement of words unique enough to not be considered plagiarism?

This isn’t what something like chatGPT does. It’s not lifting sentences from existing works. It’s composing unique sentences. Image generators are doing the same thing. What they create has not existed before.

Except chatGPT and AI like it have been shown to lift entire sentences. It isn't intelligent, it just regurgitates what it has been trained on. That regurgitation is not always unique. That's the point here...it is variable-degrees of plagiarism at "random." That is why the entire concept is ethically dubious.

Ahh I see. But how is that not easily checked for? I wonder. It'd be trivial to toss out something that matches anything in the training database.

Also, there are already laws in place protecting actors from having their likeness and voice from being replicated by AI, which means even the law (which is notorious for being inefficient and behind the times) is at the very least on the fence about this topic. (and if there aren't any laws in place, then the entities that wish to utilize actors' likeness and voice are afraid of taking it to court because they, too, see the dubiousness of the subject)

That's a different issue, and it also applies to imitators too. You can't go and hire someone who sounds like an actor to do ADR instead of that actor. Just like you can't have an AI do the lines without permission or the actor signing a release and/or being compensated if this is done.

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