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by EffortlessFury @, Wednesday, February 08, 2023, 15:56 (477 days ago) @ ZackDark

This is exactly why AI-generated content is such a complex topic. The trained dataset is the launderer. The user of the generator has no idea whether what they're using is okay to use or not. The only way to avoid this issue is to only train on content that one has permission to use.

In the case of A/V, the human mind and body is the launderer, but the human element introduces so much variance that it rarely results in the ability to mimic. Those who can mimic are either lucky or have worked to earn it, and a human's right to exercise their abilities is equivalent to another human's. With these generators, you have a computer mimicking a human and is able to do so with precision.

The human element, and the rights a human has, are what make mimicry "ok." The introduction of AI poses a completely new ethical problem to be solved, and is not perfectly equivalent to the existing human-human paradigm.

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