Probably no TWID today (Destiny)

by Coaxkez, Friday, November 03, 2023, 12:33 (202 days ago) @ cheapLEY

This pisses me off even more as time continues to pass.

The fact that the dev team was left to take the hit for this lay-off is fucking disgraceful. Why were they the ones who were tasked with writing this message to the community? Shouldn't that task have fallen to upper management?

Where is the leadership?!

No one with a brain has any issue at all with the dev team here. The issue is with upper management and their complete failure to take accountability. The fact of the matter is that Bungie is now in a position where The Final Shape must deliver on the promise of being an S-tier expansion, which will require overtime — and very likely crunch — from the dev team in order to be achieved in the time available to them. Yes, even with the delay.

That is entirely the fault of management. So why aren’t we hearing from them?

Where is the leadership?!

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