Probably no TWID today (Destiny)

by Schooly D, TSD Gaming Condo, TX, Saturday, November 04, 2023, 14:54 (262 days ago) @ Coaxkez

I’m not naive enough to expect that upper management would actually consider reducing their own salaries. That’s not how it works. I will credit Parsons for waiving his annual bonus, since apparently he did that, but that’s just a show of solidarity and does nothing to address the root problem.

Reducing executive pay by any reasonable amount would exactly be "just a show of solidarity." The optics are bad enough that they should have considered it, but if we're talking dollars and cents then lopping off huge swaths of workers all the way from grunt (which still pays very well in tech) to senior levels eclipses hypothetical C-suite cuts many times over. Especially when you include their benefits.

And if you cut executive pay by an unreasonable amount, not only would you still be in a huge financial hole but the executives would only be temporarily inconvenienced before finding a much better paying job down the (literal or figurative) street.

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