Probably no TWID today (Destiny)

by Coaxkez, Saturday, November 04, 2023, 08:20 (199 days ago) @ CyberKN
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I’m not naive enough to expect that upper management would actually consider reducing their own salaries. That’s not how it works. I will credit Parsons for waiving his annual bonus, since apparently he did that, but that’s just a show of solidarity and does nothing to address the root problem.

I do expect them to take accountability for their own failures at a bare minimum, though. They should admit to their own culpability here. They should also be making proactive systemic changes to their management culture in order to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again. (For example: Maybe it’s a bad idea to ramp up hiring and start a brand new game project on the basis on one aging MMO’s projected revenue stream, because what if you’re wrong? Oops.) If they don’t, then they deserve whatever comes next. I would expect continued drops in revenue and much higher employee attrition rates. The business world does not reward incompetence.

Yes, I’m sure they have golden parachutes in case anything drastic ever happens, but it’s generally understood that deploying a golden parachute to escape a dying company is career suicide.

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