100% (Destiny)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Thursday, November 16, 2023, 14:47 (156 days ago) @ ManKitten

The other day I purchased the new Call of Duty. It's the first CoD I've bought since MW2. It was kind of an impulse purchase.

*For my liking* the multiplayer is hot garbage. Fwiw, I've always thought it was hot garbage. Just jabronies sprinting around cross map one shotting. Super lame. At least in Destiny, with all the negativity around PvP, it at least has some gunfights and strategy.

I'm about 6 missions into the campaign, and...wow. *For my liking* it's just....so unsatisfying. It's like I went to a really fancy restaurant, ordered a prime rib sandwich and they bring my a quarter pounder. I'll still eat it, and it will be delicious, but I know it's shit and provides zero nutritional value. The mission objectives have zero thought put into them. The "open missions" are placed in a very small area, which usually just consists of looking for something while endless waves of enemies come at you, making exploration no fun. Linear mission are not at all intuitive and while it requires you to behave in a certain way...it's not AT ALL the way this person would behave in the actual situation. In Destiny, even in the "get the chores done" missions (as a campaign or not) there is true open world interaction and enemy mechanics to consider.

CoD is the first shooter campaign I've purchased outside of Destiny in a LOOOONG time and I've definitely taken the quality of Destiny for granted.

The only real criticism I have of Destiny is it just feels like it wants to be the only game you play, but I love playing other games. It doesn't mean Destiny isn't great, just that I want variety.

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