You lost the 12-chamber Russian Roulette… (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Thursday, November 16, 2023, 20:58 (186 days ago) @ ManKitten

The other day I purchased the new Call of Duty. It's the first CoD I've bought since MW2. It was kind of an impulse purchase.

You bought literally the first CoD game to get universally negative reviews (1.7/10 average user reviews lol), averaging 5.5/10 from publications. Of all games in the franchise, this one was the most rushed and content-lacking ever, reportedly churned out in just over a year of dev time.

*For my liking* the multiplayer is hot garbage. Fwiw, I've always thought it was hot garbage. Just jabronies sprinting around cross map one shotting. Super lame. At least in Destiny, with all the negativity around PvP, it at least has some gunfights and strategy.

While the core MP playlists have been poop for ages, there’s a lot of gold in the game to enjoy in short controlled bursts. Lockdown Quads is extremely fun with friends, the Battle Royale is special with the proximity chat, and the DMZ mode can be a great “turn your brain off and do Patrol missions” or “hunt other players with your friends”, and everything in between. And that’s without getting into LTMs that range from okay (Resurgence) to God-tier (Armored Royale).
But the sad thing for you is that all of these playlists are free. Paying for CoD? You could have just spent $20 on a fun bundle and run around as a cat soldier.

CoD is the first shooter campaign I've purchased outside of Destiny in a LOOOONG time and I've definitely taken the quality of Destiny for granted.

Again, you bought a glorified expansion that repurposes The Battle Royale map for filler missions. Any other CoD campaign puts Destiny to absolute shame, even the crappier ones like Advanced Warfare. Once the games are on Gamepass, I hear Infinite Warfare’s campaign is unique among the rest, so I’ll be checking that one out.

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