Destiny Awaits (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Monday, June 03, 2024, 19:10 (50 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

My Memorable Destiny Moments:
Playing D1 Rumble
Co-op nights w/ Kermit
First VoG
First blind raid w/ DBO, Crota
First Lighthouse run with Funkmon & Zero
Trying to get Thorn as a Hunter main in Y1
Wreaking havoc with Pocket Infinity in Crucible
Getting stuck on the gate after the tombshops in the Oryx blind run
Running Kings Fall with 4 of my IRL friends and General Vagueness
Getting invited to the Wednesday night raid group
Finally getting Zero Nanopheonix while he was dead
Staying up till 4am running two lighthouse cards back to back with Speed and Korny
Exploring the Leviathan underbelly for the first time
Falling 80 points short of getting Redrix Claymore after helping 3 other people get it
2 month Last Wish blind run (beating Vault out of no where, making it through one cycle of Riven legit)
Exploring the Dreaming City
6 hours of the first encounter of Garden, especially the first time we made it to the final run and totally failed
Doing "With both hands" challenge with the Wednesday crew in Crown
Clutching a flawless Crown run
Farming Anarchy with a huge DBO group
Deep Stone Crypt blind, space!
Getting up to top 1% in Trials for a bit there running Gemini Jesters Nightstalker. Just some really incredible plays over the months.
7 straight hours of the first encounter of Vow after we decided the actual solution to shooting the symbols was wrong and continued to come up with ever more elaborate things to try
Figuring out planets with Insane in Root
Meeting Chappy
Meeting Kermit

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