Dammit Deej, It was the friends we made along the way (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Tuesday, June 04, 2024, 09:13 (47 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I would be grateful for some writ notes of this journey which we called Destiny. I am inviting all of us DBO'ers who played this game for any appreciable amount of time to speak of the experiences in-between. Good and Ill. Plus... what are you hoping to find, be it directly or indirectly, in the conclusion of the Light & Dark Saga?

I'm not even kidding. The world of Destiny, its story etc has been... fine. There's been some really cool moments, and some god-awful moments. I'm excited to see this play out in the next few days.

That being said, before Destiny, I was a lurker on these forums. I had my "real" friends and I also played games. What changed? The Raid. This is what forced me to ask some kind-hearted strangers on the internet for help. Once the magic of working together in an FPS with some really cool narrative beats came, I was hooked. From there, well, I've had some of the best times with friends playing a game I've ever experienced. In no particular order:

UpNorth65 and I bonded over taking down Crota as a two-person effort. He lived in someone's shed at the time and network issues prevented us from talking half the time. Rellekh and I now consider him to be one of our best friends.

There was a night when Rellekh and I were in the middle of moving and we set the consoles up in an empty living room to conquer Oryx on Hard Mode for a Moment of Triumph. ZeroPointFox led us through the raid with the patience of a saint.

Blind-Raiding the Leviathan with Kermit's crew was the first time I played with a group that had an equal number of men and women. It was worth it just for that experience.

Getting to meet Claude and his wife, and Nico on a couple excursions to Seattle was an absolute joy.

CruelLegacy helping Rellekh and me absolutely melt Dul Incaru during the first week of the Shattered Throne was amazing.

ChaosSociety was doing a nightfall solo and Rellekh and I dropped in when Valus Ta'aurc was down to 3% health. Rellekh got Gjallarhorn. Choas got the blues.

Crucible with IconicBannana when we forced a match between DBOers.

Pestering Insane to help with various tasks that were too hard to do solo, but would have been too easy in a group of three.

Lately, I've enjoyed being a casual raider with the occasional stint on the Wednesday Night crew. Y'all are fun to hang out with.

Anyways, I really wish Bungie had kept up the thing they did when D2 dropped where they showed your D1 accomplishments and the crew you ran them with. You can still view it and maybe you all should do that before jumping into the final shape.


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