Destiny Awaits (Destiny)

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Good and Ill.

This is harder to answer than I anticipated. A Decade of Memories... but these are far more fuzzy. Halo? Pretty clear for what is now 21 (UGH!), where Destiny in turn has a fair bit more scratches on the record for me. Lots more noise and gaps.

(Plus... on an unelaborated personal note, considering where I was when Destiny 1 was first announced, I can't help but bluntly think about "me". If I knew where I was going to be a decade ago, I would probably presume I failed. I didn't, and despite how it feels among optics, might even turn out to have been the best thing among the choices. I'll just have to make it.)

My frustrations, both past and present, are well-if-oft-bluntly or ramblingly documented. Something something like a madman something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I'll defer away from that, and instead speak what I've too often left un-writ.

Instead of a list I'm going to round this up to one thing. But first, if you're still here, and seen the decade of posts I have (for better or ill) you are already aware at some capacity that I'm an unorthodox, free thinking, and ever artsy bastard of a madman. Frustratingly so, I know, I'm me, I know I know the know I know, ya know.

...omg what is this language... (Sorry ZackDark.)

So please, dear DBO, even though I omit the social aspects, I have appreciated the nods and moments of the decade. Raids, invites, calls of action, all that jazz. I have been happy to help when I could, and appreciated and noted the gesture in turn. But, for this artists heart Destiny was its best in its Unique Moments. Its Art.

Things like... the Kings Fall or the Crown of Sorrow Raid endings. Crown of which being my personal favorite thus in D2, hence presented in the Op above. My goodness that transition is so clean. And some of the attempts they made at "a living world", again, much like I show in the Op. Despite the grievances I had about the timings and getting in to see the show (as I recall), which is probably why it hasn't occurred again in some time... dude. It's so cool.

And there is more than that but AHHH, no time.

Other little things:

And that's all I have time for to write of this before the expansion drops.

Plus... what are you hoping to find, be it directly or indirectly, in the conclusion of the Light & Dark Saga?

As long as I don't feel insulted or frustrated by what the game asks of me, presents to me, I'll take it as a win. It's a pretty downer answer I admit, and I hate... really though, do not like at all... how much of a pessimist answer it is. It's totally uncharacteristic, but after Lightfail? Er, -fall? After what they did to CALUS, and ALL that build up ... resisting the urge to rant here... that boss fight and that stage they had put it on? Brother and Sister alive, all they have to do is not suck. Be fun, not frustrating. Be interesting, not insulting.

For example, I recall the ending of...

... Mass Effect made me feel like "I was in a Movie". It was Cinematic. It was Big. Filled with moments of Guile and Whit and Camaraderie. An Escape, while also being Real.


... Halo made me hold my breath, both in the Awe and the Ride. Yo! End of Halo 3, in that snow and choir. *Chef Kiss* That Ride with everything falling apart, dodging left and right...

...It's been a pleasure working with you John... *Tear* *Chef Kiss*

My ticket to Destiny 2 expires with the 2nd... what do we call them now? ... EPISODES! That's it. To more or less quote myself, "once we drop the baddie I'm done", but Echoes came with Admission, so, shit, I'll poke the Epilogue. After a decade and money down, might as well have that mulligan. But once #2 of 3, "Revenant" drops, that's it. The rest is a post for later.

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