ViDoc "easy-to-digest" analysis/speculation *IMG*

by Pyromancy @, Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 11:19 (3167 days ago) @ MrGreencastle

Thanks for the screen caps. I was too lazy to take any, but can use these to show some of my observations from video breakdown.


"X-Ventcore-Status = 1" ;)


I was looking at the tweet area of the B-net homepage in the video (pictured above). Looked up on Bungie's twitter feed for the same tweet and found its date was Feb 9th. So some of the filming was done as late as Feb. 9th for the Vidoc release on Feb. 17th? 8 days before the release. I found it interesting anyways to see how close the timeline was.

A few seconds before this capture, before the phone is picked up and the silhouette of halcylon's beardy face is on the screen, if you look right past the face and to the computer monitor behind him you can see an orange Superintendent on black background for a split second (maybe a phone background or mobile application page?)

I noticed in a different part of the video when they show a top down view of the work pit, there are two banners hanging on the ceiling. One appears to say "Mar(s)" with a building from our concept art so far the other says V≡X. The character on the banner may be the big alien with the large crested head?

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