ViDoc "easy-to-digest" analysis/speculation *IMG*

by MrGreencastle, Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 12:28 (3204 days ago) @ Pyromancy


I notice a third banner in the top-left as well. Seems strange that they'd have banners all around the studio like this, they almost look like advertisements. I wonder if the banners are hinting toward multiple races, but as far as we know about the story, it seems to be really focused on the human side of things. That bit we see in the ViDoc does remind me a lot of the Race intro videos from WoW. A sort of backstory that plays before you get to play your character.

Here's another close-up of the customization screen of the app:


Looks like I was wrong, it's not an arrow, but a "+" sign. I wonder what it could mean. Still, it could turn into a "-" when tapped to collapse. Perhaps it's weapon/armour "loadout" quick sets?

I think I'm going to go through and make some .gifs, too at some point.

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