ViDoc "easy-to-digest" analysis/speculation *IMG*

by stabbim @, Des Moines, IA, USA, Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 14:13 (3167 days ago) @ Rerdnermers

Here's what I think about the icons on the right:

1. Fist icon? This might just represent the weapons. It could be gloves, too, although having those above the helmet seems counterintuitive. The icon also looks very different from the others (which are clearly armor slots), which would seem to indicate it's something else (back to the weapon theory). But maybe this is what it looks like when there are no gloves equipped, whereas the other slots have items equipped so they show that specific armor piece?
2. Helmet.
3. Chest/torso armor.
4. Cape. This icon looks less like a belt to me, and more like the part of a cape which would clasp around the wearer's neck and shoulders.
5. Belt.
6. Boots/leg armor.

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