Tower Class Banner Wallpapers *IMGs* (Fan Creations)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Saturday, May 03, 2014, 10:21 (2825 days ago)

[image]One of the screenshots in the latest media dump caught my eye: the one inside the Tower with large banners hanging from the ceiling representing each class (click right for bigger). I thought those banners (and associated iconography) would make some nice wallpaper, so I sat down and tried to recreate them for the desktop.


Enjoy! In addition to the main version above, there are solo variants for each class. And as always, I look forward to feedback and critique. :)

. . Tower Class Banners

. . Hunter Banner (Solo)

. . Titan Banner (Solo)

. . Warlock Banner (Solo)

A note about the Titan banner: the Roman numerals appear to be wonky on the original, but I may be interpreting the screenshot incorrectly. As best I can tell, the text on the banner reads XXIIX ~ VII-LXI, which would appear at first glance to read 28 ~ 7-61, except that the numeral for 28 is actually XXVIII (XXIIX is nonsense). In the name of being faithful to the original, I'm leaving it as-is for the moment. If this gets changed later on (beta?), I'll update the wallpapers to match.

Edit: Added larger mobile versions for Samsung phones.

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