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On a serious note, I've just realized. We had to land on Mars to scout the Traveler. AKA, we didn't have colonies on Mars. AKA, very near future.

What I'm wondering, though, is whether it landed on earth first and then relocated to Mars and we followed; or did it show up on Mars first and then we saw the beginning of the Golden Age once we reached it, after which it retreated to Earth once all our other worlds had been wiped out?

By the dubs, I'm going to take a second to plug John C. Wright's novel The Golden Age. Because it is mindbending and a lot of fun, if silly in some places. But it describes a golden age for mankind much in the same way I think is implied in Destiny's story.


It landed on Mars first. I forget where it was said, but there was something confirming that not too terribly long ago. (I really should keep a log of all the interesting things I hear!)

If anything given the two new trailers and what we think we know of the solar system and golden age, I think The Traveler arrived in system and started terraforming outer planets. We probably noticed SOMETHING of this with radar and telescopes and sent a team to see what was going on when we saw it "land" on Mars. From there the trailers show it departing Mars and stopping at Venus before coming to orbit Earth. Only after it's at Earth do we see all the "lines of exploration" launch outward.


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