Speculation?! I like Speculation! (Destiny)

by Earendil, Friday, June 13, 2014, 16:23 (3603 days ago) @ TTL Demag0gue
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Quite right, relative distance is obviously off. They however did take the time to scale the moon perfectly to the earth, which makes me think they scaled the Traveler as well. Not that Bungie isn't allowed to change the size of the traveler prior to release, but I don't see an artist taking the time to get the Earth and Moon correct and then when drawing the Traveler goes "@#$% it" :)

Spheres being a hard thing to get a handle on, IF the traveler has a radius of 469 miles, that would put the surface area of the sphere as larger than all but 6 countries on earth. The Traveler would have a surface area of 2.76 million miles with AUtralia having 2.97 million and India having 1.27 million.
Top ten countries by area.

How do you know my hair isn't already grey? ;)

Edit: The volume of the Traveler would be enough to hold the entirety of earth's oceans with room to spare, according to Wolfram Alpha.

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