Level 28? (Screengrabs) (Destiny)

by SigbiasSilva @, West Midlands, England, Friday, July 04, 2014, 13:13 (3373 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I had been wondering about this, 15 seconds in. Harold at level 33. If I had to guess 20 is the max per sub-type, meaning the true current max would be 60. Salt and all that.

All the same that means during the beta we will indeed be able to max out our characters (or at least a sub-type), as if it was "the full game launch".

Interesting that the Guardian here is displayed as two different levels. He's listed as level 20 on the upper left of the player screen, but on the upper right as 29.

Some talk on reddit suggests that the "light" stat listed here artificially boosts the players levels somewhat.

Either theory sounds plausible to me!

...or 20 is still the cap, the higher numbers denote something else.

I didn't mean to imply the higher number didn't denote something else (or that 20 wasn't the cap, which I think is most likely). I was referring to the higher number as a "level" in the same way you referred to Harolds 33.

This is what I meant by being "artificially boosted" by Light, which again was merely speculation I was referring to. Bringing more parts to discuss at the table.

I keep seeing theories of which references to "Motes of Light", which is attributed to the Speaker. The more you "Rank", the more stuff you can purchase from him.

The Speaker is serious business.

Yes yes, such snazzy gear!

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