Destiny Story Speculation - What is the ARG telling us?

by WestCoastRonin ⌂, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 16:31 (3420 days ago) @ Jillybean

So it looks like each day's piece of the Alpha Lupi ARG is falling into a puzzle that resembles a model of the Ptolemaic System, also known as the geocentric model. I think this (and the ARG as a whole) may be speaking to the story of Destiny.

In the Ptolemaic System, the earth is at the center of the universe. We now know that model is incorrect, and that the sun is at the center of our solar system, but for over 1500 years in our history, humans thought of themselves as being the center of the universe.

What if, in Destiny, humans on earth once again believe in the geocentric model of the universe? That everything revolves around them? It would in fact signal a step backwards in the scientific understanding of the human race. A fall from the Golden Age. We can look back in history and see a similar time when this occurred. Ancient Rome reached the height of art, science, and human engineering during its reign as the world superpower. But when Rome fell and Europe moved into the Dark Ages, it signaled the cultural devolution of knowledge. In fact, the people living during Medieval times looked at the architecture and culture of Rome and had no knowledge of how it was made, and they lacked the ability to recreate the same marvels that the Romans had. That is why the Renaissance was so significant. Renaissance means rebirth. And it was the age in history when Europeans once again began discovering the skill and culture of the Ancient Romans, catching up, and finally advancing.

I'm not saying that Destiny is going to be an analogy of this Middle Ages to Renaissance arc, but what if it is inspired by it? What if there are ruins and vestiges of Man's greatness spread across earth and the galaxy, but the people no longer know how it got there or how to recreate it? What if the ARG is also giving us a hint about gameplay setting with its geocentric model--that Destiny will take place on earth and earth only (at least the first game). Perhaps the human race has lost its space-faring technology and must discover it again. Or they may have the technology of their forebears, but do not fully understand it.

This would set up a great story arc of discovery, of finding lost knowledge and attempting to get the human race back on track. A quest to rediscover where we have been as a race, and finally get where we should be going, in order to find our destiny.

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