Destiny Story Speculation - What is the ARG telling us?

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 21:13 (3419 days ago) @ CaneCutter

Maybe it's not we think of ourselves as the center of the universe again, but maybe it's another 'Great Demotion.' Not only are we a know nothing civilization on a galactic backwater, but perhaps have no say in our destiny either. The presence of the Protector (right name, right?) seems to be the only thing keeping us from extinction at the hands of whatever kicked our ass to begin with, after all.

Or the Protector is a Big Brother type of entity, and they're the ones that "devolved" us and have convinced us that they are here to protect us. Keeping earth humans under their thumb for some ulterior motive. And we, as knights, know the truth and are out to discover more of the truth/educate the remaining populace or trying to leave to find help from other humans/races in the galaxy.

- CC This is fun.

Given the way The Traveler (if that's its real name :p) is pretty beat up looking I imagine it as a very powerful force, perhaps some sort of left over Human warship / station from back when mankind ruled the stars. And now it has returned home, likely on it's own, perhaps controlled by an AI. I think of it as too battered to safeguard the entirety of Earth at once, thus giving us managableish groups of enemies to fight, but still a hugely powerful force to be reckoned with that is capable of protecting the Earth against a major attack.

Think the Titan from Titan AE but a military ship instead of a world building one. Destiny would then be about these varied Human groups on Earth rediscovering their past and reclaiming their… wait for it… Destiny.

Through boldness to the stars!

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