Destiny Story Speculation - Say No to Devo

by Slightly Live ⌂, UK, Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 03:38 (3419 days ago) @ WestCoastRonin

Whilst it's far too early to begin any serious speculation about Destiny's story, this notion of Humanity somehow screwing up and forgetting basic science is just unsettling.

We know that we're be planet hopping in Destiny. We know that Humanity in Destiny knows that it isn't the only life in the universe, we're not alone. Just going by those bits of information, the notion that Humanity literally would believe they/ the Earth is/are the physical centre of the universe is not even remotely believable. But with the universe closing in around Humanity, it seems entirely reasonable then that folks start thinking that Humanity/Earth is the centre of the universe (not literally).

The ruins of mankind's golden age - it seems something very sudden caused this golden age to end - what happened? Was it an event or a series or events? Did we cause it or did something or someone else cause it? And how is it linked to the current status quo?

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