How does destiny handle player (un)death?

by zumphry @, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 13:19 (2668 days ago) @ Reconcilliation

Presumably it'll function exactly like Halo, but I do wonder if they'll try something new and explain it in-game somehow.

Not to base everything off of concept art even though that's mostly what we know, but...:


I wonder if it'll be like Left 4 Dead? It has a clever system of respawning; Instead of outright dying (though I'm a wuss and never played on Expert or Realism), you'd get incapacitated and start bleeding out until you were revived, or died. You could also shoot the zombies gnawing on your tastily crunchy bones, which looks quite similar to what the Guardian is doing in that piece of concept art (unless they're lying prone, or sunbathing).

Certainly jumping to conclusions, but aping Left 4 Dead w/could be a great way to promote cooperation (minus griefers constantly falling off of cliffs, but hey), and w/could help tie deaths and health systems into gameplay without resorting to making people respawn back at their ship/graveyard/The City/etc.

Though, then where would they spawn? Space Closets? What'd be the penalty? Why am I asking the same question I'm replying to (and where's my pants?)?

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