Platform Transition

by rliebherr @, St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 17:09 (2878 days ago)

My first post on DBO. Long time HBO lurker, and was very active in Bungie forums for a few years. I did a search, and couldn't find this topic addressed. If I missed it, my apologies.

With Bungie's announcement that Destiny will launch on PS3 and PS4, I think it's safe to say the same will happen for 360 and the new Microsoft platform (we'll call it 720 here for ease of explanation. Sub PS3 for 360 and PS4 for 720, if you prefer Playstation). THat being said, it raises an interesting question. Will we be able to port our characters from the 360 Destiny to the 720 Destiny? If not, what's a gamer to do? I pre-ordered for the 360, but if I hear that Destiny will be a launch title on 720, I'll drop the pre-order for 360 and pick it up on 720.

If Destiny is not a launch title, then the question of portability of characters becomes a little more important. If we can port them - no big deal. Pick up the 360 version, play until the 720 version, port over, and there's no lost time. However, if you can't port, we're stuck in the conundrum of potentially logging hours on a character and equipment that will be lost when we make the switch to 720.


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