Platform Transition

by thesirchelios ⌂ @, Sweden, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 18:53 (2878 days ago) @ rliebherr

I really hope this is the case since I would prefer to just wait and play it on the 720 anyways. (Of course if it comes earlier I'll get it earlier! :))
But it could still be a problem for some people that cannot afford to upgrade to a 720 immediately at launch, but sill want to play Destiny.
There is also the possibility that Destiny will continue into the generation after the 720 since they are planning a 10 year project and consoles don't last that long! In that case it would make sense for them to have the accounts set up on their servers so it can seamlessly transfer from 360 to 720 to futureBox 1080.

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