by stevrrr, Friday, March 15, 2013, 10:19 (2981 days ago) @ kapowaz

Would you consider doing this next project with modern web technologies like canvas and JavaScript?

Totally! I actually made GNOP! in Flash because, at the time I started (over 6 months ago) all I knew was ActionScript. I actually don't have a background in any sort of programming, I'm picking this all up as I go along. I chose Flash somewhat arbitrarily.

Now that I know a bit more, this is something I'd like to support. As mentioned in the post, Haxe can create HTML5 games (i.e. Canvas/Javascript) with ease. Furthermore, as I've been working on ODS, I've seen that my code is pretty terrible.

So: when I have time, I'll definitely make an HTML5 version of GNOP! using Haxe, with all of my terrible code fixed.

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