A word on the GNOP! Flash remake and future Bungie remakes

by JohnShortcut @, Valencia, Venezuela, Tuesday, April 02, 2013, 17:39 (2962 days ago) @ stevrrr

Hello! First of all, I am glad you're planning this endeavour, from a personal perspective, I've always wanted to make up for all the time lost (Considering that in my Country it was already hard to connect to the internet), I discovered Halo as a child by my own, and only got to meet part of the Community after the release of Halo: Reach. I'm afraid that by then pretty much of the Fan base was somewhat dispersed. But I've working as much as I can, collaborating with Hamish Sinclair (As a matter of fact I just contacted him as well as Claude Errera regarding some interesting tidbits about Marathon and Destiny/Halo 4. I'd like to tell you that, I'd like to assist you in your plans for remaking Pre-Marathon Games, especially Pathways Into Darkness. I might not have any experience in programming, but I'll make myself as useful as possible, even if that requires that I start learning from this very moment. You, sir, have my full support! Lately I've been very busy, and therefore I've had to leave projects aside, but if things go well, I might start working on my Web Comics, as well as some Halo/Marathon Machinima and Marathon 3rd Party Maps (I will have to start from Zero, but I'm 117% committed to these tasks). So, if there's anythng that you might require from me, I'm at your service.

I'll anxiously await for your response.
Simon (John Shortcut)

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