A word on the GNOP! Flash remake and future Bungie remakes

by stevrrr, Saturday, March 16, 2013, 08:33 (2980 days ago) @ Flynn J Taggart

Pathways into Darkness has kinda been one of the Bungie-nerd holy grails of conversion, IMO. If I had more skill and time, I'd love to work on a conversion of that. I only ever played it through the once and it was a long time ago, and I don't have access to any Macs from that era anymore, and it would be amazing to see PiD brought back for the current generation of Bungie fan to experience.

I agree completely; Pathways into Darkness is (what I consider to be) the first game that really captured Bungie's vision, not to mention that it's first game made by Bungie proper (with both Seropian and Jones). It's atmospheric, dark, and suspenseful, with an innovative narrative.

http://bighouse.bungie.org/pathways/index.php these guys were public with their project a few years back, but sadly never finished. It's an attempt at an aleph one port of PiD, but really any way of playing it on modern computers would be incredible.

An Aleph One port is a logical route to take, but I suppose I had a grander vision in mind. That conversation is a long way off though.

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